GA is a PreK-12, coed, nonsectarian day school in Fort Washington, PA

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Tuition and Fees

We have found a place that has planted the seed for a love of learning. GA has provided a place for our kids to lay down their roots, and grow in confidence and independence so that one day they will have the ability to soar on their own. Yet at the same time they have a very keen understanding that one day when their time here as a student is up, their time as a Germantown Academy Patriot will continue forever. And, as a parent, there is no better feeling than to know that your children will forever have a place that they can return with open arms.” – Jennifer M., Blue Bell

"My time at Germantown Academy was a very formative, important time in my life, and the support of Gaby Russomagno was critical for my confidence and ambitions." - Dan Veltri '03, Co-founder& Chief Product Officer of Weebly

“GA was one of the best things that has ever happened to me and I talk a lot about it with other people. GA is a very special place. Not everyone gets that opportunity and you should be proud to be here.” - Colleen Magarity '07, Coach & Educator

"GA is filled with incredible teachers. They recognized and saw that my life was heading a bit outside the traditional norm, and that when I found my passion and calling in life, I would have the skills and organization to go after it." - Josh Fried '06, Actor & Stuntman

GA gave me sharp critical analysis skills that help push my designs beyond just a beautiful form." - Katrinna Whiting '09, Product Designer at Facebook

“I learned to have an open-minded view of this world and it's people, and I have many teachers I looked up to at GA to thank for it, all the way from Mr. Savering in second grade to Ritt's (Phil Rittenhouse) AP Bio class.” - Mark Wakeman '05, Assistant Director at Chariots for Hope

"GA helped foster my creativity and forever friendships that ended up setting stage, unbeknownst to me, for what I'm doing today." - Stephanie Tsoflias Siegel '01, Founder of Reel Media Group & TV Reporter




Investing in your child's future is one on the most important decisions a family can make, and we are here to help in your financial planning. GA tuition is inclusive of activity and technology fees for all students. It is payable either in full or by enrolling in a 10-month online payment plan. Tuition for the coming year is set by GA’s Board of Trustees and announced in January. Tuition is paid via a 10-month online payment plan, while fees are billed each month through our online accounting company. An enrollment deposit is required by late winter, and payments for tuition begin each May.


We encourage all interested families to inquire about tuition assistance. Annually, financial aid is awarded to approximately 33% of the student body. CLICK HERE to learn more.


PreK $26,725
PreK (til Noon) $18,170
K $27,775
1st $30,985
2nd $30,985
3rd $32,160
4th $36,030
5th $36,460
6-8th $38,930
9-12th $42,390


Additional Fees

Students are billed monthly for individual charges they incur, such as school supplies, snacks and spirit wear from the School Store, school dance admission, private music lessons, student fundraisers, and Lower School after school programs. For more information on GA’s Tuition and Fees, please call the Business Office at 267-405-7393.